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Learn all of the essentials to get you going in the right direction, on your photography journey!

Covering the essentials

  • Basic Camera knowledge, prep & cleaning

  • Camera settings and getting ready to shoot

  • Look & Learn covering basic lighting indoor & outdoor

  • Test shooting exercise

  • Post production workflow

  • Photoshop walk through

  • Photo editing/retouching basics

  • Shooting exercise

  • Importing images in to computer

  • Retouching images

  • Class Review + Q&A

Class Includes:

  • Welcome Kit

  • Printed booklet with class follow along

  • Flash Drive with learning materals

  • Bottled drinks & snacks

  • Lunch

  • Free mentorship to answer questions as you’re learning (post-class)

What you should bring:

  • Laptop Computer (PC or MAC is fine)

  • Photoshop installed (link to free trial here)

  • Camera (Cameras will a detachable lens are highly recommended, but this class will allow you to learn with any camera.

Classes Available


We have access to cameras for rental

or used purchase for an additional fee.

October 17th - November 14th - December 11th