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Riddle’s Photo School!


During the class with Shawn Riddle, we will run through all of the basic but essential things you should know to get started. 


Photography is ART and you should always create and try new things, but there are some steps that you should learn early on that you will apply every time shooting, NO MATTER WHAT!


About Shawn Riddle:


 I first picked up a camera in 2009 to start taking pictures for my graphic design customers to have good quality photos and I was terrible! I had no idea what I was doing, but I caught on, and got better with each shoot.


As a self taught photographer, I learned everything on my own for the most part. There was a TON of trial and error, even at critical times. If I could go back and take a class like this before I started shooting… yes, I would have!


As much as I have accomplished in the last 10+ years, I myself attended a workshop put on by the legend Derek Blanks in 2019 and learned so much from him. As an artist, there is always room to learn and grow… you are a student of the game forever.


What we will cover:


The Basics!

  • Basic Camera knowledge, prep & cleaning

  • Camera settings and getting ready to shoot

  • Look & Learn covering basic lighting indoor & outdoor

  • Test shooting exercise

  • Post production workflow

  • Photoshop walk through

  • Photo editing/retouching basics


Let’s Shoot!

  • Shooting exercise

  • Importing images in to computer

  • Retouching images

  • Class Review + Q&A


Class Includes:

  • Welcome Kit

  • Printed booklet with class follow along

  • USB Flash Drive with learning materials

  • Bottled drinks & snacks

  • Lunch

  • Free mentorship to answer questions as you’re learning (post-class)


What you should bring:

  • Laptop Computer (PC or MAC is fine)

  • Photoshop installed (link to free trial here)

  • Camera (Cameras with a detachable lens are highly recommended, but this class will allow you to learn with any camera.



The class fee does NOT include a camera. If you do not have your own camera, or access to one for the class you can buy a used camera from me to keep or rent one for the class that will be returned after class.


  • Used camera kits are available for $250 and you get to keep it.

  • Rental camera kits are available for $75, and must be returned after class.

  • Camera kits will include the camera body + a standard 18-55mm lens


Camera rentals require a $200 deposit that will be refunded once the camera is checked back in without damage.


Used camera purchases are non refundable, but do come with a 30 day limited warranty. Remember you are purchasing a USED camera, so it will not be perfect but will be inspected to make sure it is in good working order before being given to you.



Course enrollment requires a 50% deposit and is to be paid when signing up. Day of payment types accepted: Credit card, Cash, Cash App, Paypal or Venmo. Deposits are transferable, but they are non-refundable.


After booking, you will be sent an invoice reflecting the balance minus the deposit amount and can be paid in full any time leading up to the shoot date.


Camera rentals & purchases will be added to the invoice



If you sign up for the class, but are unable to attend you will be able to hold your spot for a future class date. If you decide to not take the class, the deposit can be used for someone else. 

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